Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I'm trying to go cold-turkey and not read LiveJournal at all for a while, or else I risk getting pricklier about Angel spoilers than I already am and annoying my friends more than I already have, not to mention the risk that I'll lash out against people I like who are just doing what's natural, holding a communal wake to celebrate and mourn.

My chief worry, of course, is that I'll miss the hot porn.

I've planned my finances for the next four months; my last day of work before my leave begins is June 4. I desperately want to use this time wisely and well.

Meanwhile, I'm getting later and later on my Inquisition back-up assignment. Must work on that.

I rate this post an 8.3 on the Bohringt Scale.

ETA: I'm just a bit tense right now. Not sure how evident that is. Hopefully I'll start to chill out once my leave kicks off.
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