Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


Gratuitous story post.

I finished the S/X! Have sent Herself the last chunk. Will be posting fairly soon, I imagine. I am all cat-eyed, with a canary feather caught in my whiskers.

I love the Spander. Yes I do. Everyone should write more, more, more of it!

Oh my god--just went to TWOP and saw a CLex banner. People, people. This is getting out of control.


I am a little drunk tonight. Drank last night, too. But it seems to have fueled the writing for a change.

For dinner I had a whopping big piece of cake and some popcorn. Jesus fuck.

Tomorrow I will be away from the office, down in Tacoma for an offsite trip lasting just about all day. Limited access to e-mail. Grrr. I have that sharp, restless, almost coital need to get the fic *out there*. Consummate it. You know?


Can't think of anything else to type. Toddling off now.


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