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I am a Kia owner.

Let me just say now: mock not the Kia. Share not any unhappy stories with me. Harsh not my buzz or I will maintain this subject-verb inversion until you cry and then I shall call the wrath of the Korean Kia gods down upon you!

I bought a car! A car!

::does a dance of elaborate looniness, dorkiness, and joy::

Until today, I have:

- Never owned a car that cost more than $1500
- Never owned a car newer than 10 years old
- Never owned a car with less than 100,000 miles on it

And, well, I've only owned two cars. This is my first real, adult car. I used to look at my co-workers and wonder why they were able to buy actual cars, whereas I was stuck with funny toys made out of tinfoil, peanut shells, and chewing gum, but apparently this is something I can do too. I just needed several years to work myself up to it. Because some of us *cough*neurotic*cough have issues and fears about adulthood, responsibility, commitment, self-image, paperwork, decisions, significant financial purchases...oh, you know. But anaxila--a creature of great kindness and awesome car savvy--took me out and I took the plunge. And I'm so in love. Love! My dial is set at eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! and stuck there.

It's a 2002 Spectra with 40,000 miles on it *and* 3 years/20,000 miles left on a full warranty, and it's shiny and silver and has that new-car smell, and was priced just under $7,000, with payments of $140/mo. Because, you know, it's a *Kia*, not a Saturn. But it's so cool! And apparently I have good credit! And I got insurance and everything!

Yes, you're probably thinking, and how is this is novel? So okay, let's take a look at my current, soon-to-be-donated-to-charity car:

- I've owned it two years. After the first six months, it pretty much stopped being safe to drive for more than a mile from my apartment. I mean, if I took it on the highway for a while and then exited, it would just stop. Sometimes while it was still rolling!
- In the last 18 months I've driven it no further than a mile from my house; in the last six months, no further than 4 blocks.
- About four or five months ago, it started leaking antifreeze. It wasn't worth repairing, of course. So I just started replacing the antifreeze whenever I wanted to drive it. The coolant stays in for about the length of a grocery trip or two.
- It has no air conditioning. The rear-view mirror fell off a week after I bought it. The analogue radio occasionally hints at the lyrics of a song through bursts of static. The left-turn signal is broken. The--oh, never mind.
- The tags expired at the end of April because the car would never have made it to an emissions station for testing. Actually, I never even put last year's tags on.
- Insurance? I'd rather have tossed two hundred bucks a month into a shredder and stuffed pillows with it.

I have to touch wood every three seconds, of course, because my immediate fear is that I'll turn up the radio, sing along, and drive the thing into a mailbox or even worse, a mailman. Because did I mention, with the neurotic? But yay me. And yay Amy, because she rocks and I couldn't have done this without her.

Unrelatedly, can someone tell me why, if I'm watching Charmed, it looks so much like Harry Potter? These people are shameless rip-off artists, is why, right? Okay, just checking.

ETA: Who will dance with me, hmm? Dance with me! For the love of Numfar! I can only maintain this peak of euphoria for another three, four hours, tops. *bounces, grins* ...oh but wait, I have a smushed Krispy Kreme donut in my purse...another five, six hours, tops!
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