Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

that's so not right.

The Mystery channel keeps promoting an inexplicable line-up of movies like Austin Powers and Undercover Brother by calling them "madcap mysteries." Right. In that vein, Scream isn't a horror movie, it's a "comedy of death" and Lord of the Rings is a "western" because they're on horseback and American Pie is a "documentary of raw humor" and Bull Durham is a "musical of the heart" and Lost in Translation is "film-noir without the crime" or maybe a "war movie about the clash of cultures."

And Mulder/Scully is slash.

I know you guys can come up with more of these, far better than mine. Yes? Please? No?

ETA: The Mystery channel is now showing John Carpenter's Vampires with Jon Bon Jovi. Which is apparently not horror, but a supernatural mystery. Pinheads.
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