Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

timed brainstorm #2

Spike is a rentboy or a cabinboy and Xander is a pimp or maybe just a bad man in a top hat with an exaggerated mustache and there are striped trousers, I'm not sure why, and peacocks.

So, Buffy is a fan-dancer. I don't entirely know what a fan-dancer is but she's dancing with fans and there are peacocks. And veils and some kind of tinkly music and everyone is lying around on cushions, very impressed. Buffy looks rather like Jeannie in "I Love Jeannie."

Spike is trapped in a genie bottle? And they get to take him out and play with him whenever they want. Hmm.

Men on ships. Big ships. Big men. Big waves and sea monsters. Viking men! With the braids and the funny horned hats. Sex under the deck...down below. With the bilge and the rats. No no no. But Anya comes and she's the goddess of the sea, she's got some kind of ship-driving power to guide them to the edge of the world where they will find Mindrock the land of eternal happiness and, and, and for some reason I'm thinking of shellfish but I don't know why.

Spike is a merman? No.

Giant trees with a secret world of houses, like that elf kingdom in LotR or like a tree-housey sort of land, very um, Robin Hood. And merry men. Elves too possibly. Oh god I only have another minute.

Elves. In tights. Xander in tights. Xander hating the tights. Xander hating me. Xander as a dancer in a famous troupe touring the world and, yes, okay, Xander is a princess. A diva. Or a prince, yeah. With lots of tights. And a dog.

Time's up.

Are these actually loosening up my head and my game hand? See, because I need to write a story and I'm a bit stuck. Somehow I'm not feeling like I'd be writing any of these, though.

I must definitely give myself ten minutes next time.

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