Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

the Friends finale

People yelling audibly from the apartment building next door: "Don't get on the plane! Don't get on the plane!"

Sigh. My extremely latent heterosexual streak snaps up and blindsides me: cried at the end, so happy for Ross and Rachel, so happy they got a happy ending. They are so very OTP.

This whole show is an aberration in my tastes, in that all the relationships make me happy; I accept the slashy fun between the guy characters, but am also made happy by the canonical romantic ships, and the friendships as well. Okay, I guess it's like BtVS in some ways, except in how I'm not actually fannish about it.

Loved the look between Chandler and Joey right before they shook hands and hugged. Dear god. Most of the time, when people argue for the gen schmoop (aka "smarm") of masculine friendship, I usually come down on the side of slash instead, but moments like that bring me into agreement--there's not enough warm guy friendship like that around.

I actually haven't been watching the show for a while and was lucky to catch the finale. Interestingly unbalanced in some key ways--very little of Phoebe's husband and Rachel's kid. And a weird unlikely parallel to the pregnant Phoebe plotline, in how Monica and Chandler use a surrogate mother and then get unexpected twins. Some other awkward moments; as an episode, if it weren't the finale, I wouldn't give it an A+. But a good end.

So what was up with Courteney Cox Arquette? Is she pregnant? She was wearing the most horrible shirts and there was a little tummy or something there. It distracted me.

I am all wet-nosed. Must try to write a bit before I dive-bomb my bed.

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