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I'm in one of those remembering-my-dreams periods. They come and go. Last night I had math final-exam anxiety dreams. Oh my god, I didn't answer all the questions, and if I don't, I won't graduate! Fun. Also entered a alternate universe in which a network of hundreds of communes ran along the west coast, their home schooling programs heavily funded by Microsoft. For some reason I was visting one and they were having an award ceremony for the kids. Billy Crystal was the special guest MC. Later I dreamed that I was stranded out in the middle of the ocean and my boat wasn't coming to pick me up. So I swam to shore.


(1) Rubywisp posted her hot S/X clubbing story (the dancey kind of clubbing, not the violent troll-whomp kind of clubbing), FDR. Sharp, funny, snarky, with lots of neat word-play. I hug this story to my bosom. *g*

(2) Stolen from BBF, Queer Eye for the Spike Guy. Somewhat unflattering to Spike, and what he does with the tanning lotion is incomprehensible, but I thought the story was hilarious. Has what I consider to be very mild spoilers for the current season of Angel.

My god, Monday is always so thrilling. What shall I do today? Fly to Tuscany for a wine tasting, take my rock band on tour, or just sit here in my cube and move my plastic frogs into new sexual positions?

Figured "Pride and Prejudice" summed up the Justin arc, if nothing else. Though I also think that both Emmett and Ted have big pride issues right now.

I only repeat what everyone else says: Justin kicking ass is hot. That shade of pink is evil. Justin riding Brian is hot. The hair cut is just...questionable. But if Brian likes it, who am I to judge.

I was very excited by the previews of this season's Justin arc, but now that it's playing out I find I'm mildly bugged by the characterization of gay street patrol groups. From what I know of them, they're usually very useful organizations that are careful not to cross any lines into illegality, and they've got plenty of precedence. So for starters, I think that the community leaders would have been far more receptive to the idea of a street patrol than they were shown to be, and I think that the direction the show is taking the idea is rather dumb. And usually I'm, like, "whatever" when realism is ditched in the service of dramatic tension, but I feel like the show is cutting a lot of corners this season, even with just the first three episodes. Like Brian's questionable trespass into Gardner's meeting, and Ted suddenly sprouting opera lungs, and Surly Cue Ball's heterophobia, which errs on the side of caricature.

Things I liked about this ep: Vic moving out, Deb's wonderfully handled generosity and angst, "Timberlake," Justin's baby-tiger endorphin rush, Blake supporting Ted by talking to his friends, Brian getting in Emmett's face, the shots at the baths, Brian and Jennifer in general. Things I didn't like: Surly Cue Ball being rude to Daphne, Emmett's bitchiness, Ted lip-synching opera badly. I also identify too much with Ted. He is in no way my favorite character, but he's the character most like me, and I can see myself behaving like him, in just the same asinine ways, alienating all my friends, and the whole thing just depresses me. I don't like Emmett and Ted right now when they play off each other. Also, Emmett seems to be considered a sweetheart by most fans, a charmed favorite, and I have to come out of the closet and say that I really don't get it. He's okay. That's my baseline level of fangirl interest in him. Say, a five on a scale of one-to-ten, where Brian would be ten, Justin nine, Michael eight, Ben a seven. Ted, Melanie, Lindsay, Deb, Vic, Hunter, all fives on your average day. But you can't have an ensemble show without them, and I love ensemble. A show focusing on Brian and Justin with everyone else as a minor pop-in wouldn't be as interesting to me.

I want it to be Saturday so that I can read all the S/X ficathon stories.

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