Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I can't believe I fogot to mention the sex-with-Angel dream, which occurred right before the Dick Van Dyke dream (Dick Van Dyke in this context: so Freudian). Angel was sharing a room with my brother and we had very little privacy, but I climbed into his bed in a long flannel gown and we squirmed under the covers and got it on, but kept getting interrputed by people coming into the room. One time it was this nebbishy accountant--his presence frustrated me so much that I kicked and knocked over his box of glass animal figurines, which scattered everywhere. I felt bad and apologetically helped him tidy up. He snarked about how I'd placed the animals in the box, then I got back in bed and pounced on Angel. He gave me a bear hug and I explained in graphic detail what I wanted him to do to me. We might've done it, or we might've not. I can't remember. How much does *that* suck?

I need breakfast.

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