Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Mulder, Superman, and Me

Dreamed this morning that I went to a big mansion with my friends. Inside the ghosts of previous inhabitants--college kids, mostly--warned us that if we stayed there we would die too, within a week. We began trying to leave, but the ghosts had all kinds of seductive methods at hand for getting people to stay. I got out and looked back, urging my friends to leave, but Mulder and Scully had been mesmerized by the promise of a resolution to their UST. They had the big, flower-eyed Jasmine kind of happy going on. Superman had also decided to stay because he didn't have to worry any more about secret identities, but I stared deep into his eyes from across the barrier and convinced him to come back. We ran, catching up with the others who'd escaped, and jumped into a sleigh. Superman and I were canoodling while he related details of his past, like how he'd been a giant panther. Then I asked the others if they'd mind if we flew ahead of them separately. We wanted to get home to have sex.

Later I was angsting because I was getting married and had no gift for my husband to be. It was just before the ceremony and I'd forgotten to shop. My husband had bought me a $200 quilt and was going to give it to me right after we were hitched. We got married and sat down with everyone at a reception that boasted a single box of pizza for several dozen guests. I was all sulky with guilt and ran off, at which point my father-in-law, Robert De Niro, sternly but gently reminded me that I'd made the first month's mortgage payment on our new house as a gift, so I shouldn't feel so bad.

I'm going back to bed to have sex with Superman.

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