Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

PSA & A Day at the Movies

So, some Friday night, you might find yourself thinking, "Hey, you know what this party needs? A zombie flick!" And then you might decide to watch, say, "House of the Dead" because you'd never seen it before. Plus, zombies. So you start watching. This would be a mistake. Because this is the worst. movie. ever. made. I didn't realize it was based off a video game. Never mind that--I'm willing to maintain that's not the kiss of death. But throughout the movie they intercut real action with animated video game shots. In the middle, during a giant zombie-hacking fight scene, this technique hits maximum frequency and is accompanied by the cheesiest slow-mo scenes ever. Agape with boredom as I was watching this, I pressed the fast-forward button. And left it there. And the scene went on...and on...and on. And on and on and on and on and on and on. So then I said fuck the four bucks and cut it off.

"Freddy vs. Jason" is available; so is the remake of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Someone stop me. Must not click through to trashy horror flicks that will scar my tender little mind.

Earlier I gave three-quarters of my attention to "Scorn," a movie where Eric Johnson (Whitney Fordman from Smallville) plays a gay homicidal teen. He did a pretty good job, despite several lengthy scene-chewing monologues from Camus's "Caligula" or whatever the hell it was. He was arrogant, psycho, and rather pretty, and they had a shot of him lying naked next to his boyfriend, whom he stupidly dumped to pursue his murderous schemes.

This is odd--guy named Brendan Fletcher is in "Freddy vs. Jason," and in "Scorn," and also in both "Ginger Snaps" movies. I think he was the cute one.

"Go Fish" is on Showtime now. Groundbreaking lesbian film by Rose Troche, finally getting some play because of her association with "The L Word." Black and white, not particularly well acted, but pretty charming. Kind of like "Dykes to Watch Out For" brought to the screen, but with only half the calories political pontificating. Plus, a truckload of cute girls. Hmmm. I want that, haircut.

God, this is boring. But my wrist hurts from stacking pigs and there is nothing else I want to do with myself.

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