Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Smallville: Memoria, etc.

Wow. That kicked serious ass. I lack the need to say anything about it.

Though, the one time I wanted to identify a song, they didn't do their marketing promo. Does anyone know what that final song was?

I finished my S/X ficathon story. Probably needs a few small tweaks, but I'm in that yay-me mood of having something done with. Still in a job-thought-avoidance zone as well. Called for a therapy appointment with clinic recced by my doctor--the only phone number offered was for a voice mail bucket that was checked once a day. Uh huh, nice. "Suicide hotline, please hold." (Kidding.)

Cool smart intro post on sxandviolence by new LJ user shadowscast, and I don't just say that because she mentioned me in kind terms, though I don't mind that at all. Nope. I'm easy. Love me: I will sleep at your feet.

From post: "It is absolutely fascinating to me that Spike got a soul on purpose. What does that mean?" I wish I had intelligent comments on that question, but I feel tentative about speculating until I catch up with this season of Angel. At least up to the point where I hit pause on my viewing, though, the significance of the soul and of the soul search seemed more explored in fanon than canon. Or fan-fiction, I guess I should say; not fanon per se.

I'm completely nattering in the way people do when they have one limb caught in a bear trap, to try and distract themselves from badness. I feel ratty right now, and the overall tone of The Me is most apparent in how my mental story space has flip-flopped all day between schmoop and castration fantasies.

I feel like my car is my life, and my life is tired and running out of gas and I need to find a station to pull into.
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