Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

btvs movie homages, #3

The Bronze scene in "Superstar" where Jonathan starts playing the saxophone and then the girl runs in crying, asking for help--that's "Buckaroo Banzai."

I never thought of it before, but I wonder if "Superstar" was kind of a trial run for season five, (where they alter the fabric of the universe to include Dawn, whose existence everyone takes for granted), to gauge fan reaction or just work out some of the kinks in the concept.

Note the kick-ass suit ensemble they dress Danny Strong in during his cafe scene with Buffy--*that's* the kind of tailoring I always wanted for Spike. Also, mascara and eyeliner did wonders for Strong's pretty eyes. Eyeliner is all a superhero really needs. So glad for him that he got onto "Gilmore Girls."

SMG is really pretty in this episode.

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