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feels like a poll to me.

From a previous post of mine: Xander's outfit at the beginning of "Goodbye Iowa"--most hideous thing ever.

I think I was wrong. It's actually the outfit at the beginning of "This Year's Girl."

If I had screencap capabilities and a lot more free time on my hands, I'd take shots of all Xander's most hideous outfits and have you guys vote on them.

The only dubious pleasure to be had from outfits like that would be to occasionally replace them with something finer, making the surprise and contrast all the more delicious. Like when we put Xander into a prom tux or black leather. Now those were some good moments that helped redeem three seasons of high-school boy wear. Where is season four's tux and leather? I'll tell you: nooooooooooowhere.

In a universe where our reality merged with Joss's, Spike would look at Xander in horror, say, "Who *dresses* you?" and then kill the wardrobe girl.

I dreamed for years of seeing Spike in a sleek black tailored suit, maybe a nice Armani. Black shirt, tie, ruffled hair. Something to break the monotony. The suit in "Tabula Rasa" was like a face slap of gaspingly bad badness and cruelty. Wicked, evil Joss and his flying monkeys wardrobe minions. Only Poshcat understood my pain, only she gave me this prettiness.

Movie homages, take two. The ending to Faith's victory dream, the one that wakes her from her coma: "Shawshank Redemption."

I am so not going to work today. If I did, I know that at some point I would chew my wrist open and bleed on people, shrieking and gibbering and laughing maniacally. I'm going to make a therapy appointment instead and ponder my options and not think at all about the ineffably fucked-up meeting I had yesterday afternoon with the WORST PROJECT MANAGER IN THE WORLD which so enraged me that I nearly stabbed him with his own pen but instead fled the office, going home in tears and a taxi.
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