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Since last Wednesday my job frustration has reached critical mass. Though I'm not thinking seriously about quitting, I'm thinking about applying for a three-month leave of absence. It would mean cashing in about 25-30% of my stocks, though, to (a) live on for three months and to (b) buy a used car.

I continue to look back in anger and curse my woolly inattention to our briefly skyrocketing stock price last fall, which would've meant a lot more money.

I am really not in a good mood. My baseline has been lower than usual for the last month or so. I feel in danger of sinking my teeth into someone's throat and shaking them to death. I am hyper-sensitive to everything right now. I am thinking of getting a t-shirt that says, "Fuck you and your shitty cologne." Or maybe I should just buy a large hammer.

I've written over 15,000 words on my Spander Inquisition story though. That's something.

anaxila brought Godivas by my desk today for no reason. She gets a place on my lifeboat when we hit the iceberg.

Blah blah blah.
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