Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I seem to recall, a few years back, skimming an Ultraviolet/BtVS crossover that I couldn't appreciate at the time, not having seen UV yet. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

UV is endearingly amateur in execution but highly cool in concept. It feeds my brain. I've been watching it this past week or so, in little bites, and have also been reading a Harry Dresden novel, #5, plucked at random from a bookstore shelf. I am not very thrilled with the actual writing level of the novel--it's rather pedestrian--but now and then it throws out some interesting ideas. In the UV-verse (UVerse?), there's all kinds of cool scientific emphasis on blood research and most of the time the vampires and the government are maintaining a kind of cold war status quo. It's very X-Filesy, in a way. In the ep I just watched, the cold Scully-like doc broke down and said, "Maybe we should keep an open mind [about whether vampires are evolving and might want to maintain a peaceful existence]." Her boss said, "[An open mind] is the worst thing we could have." Or something like that. Great quote in context, even if I'm rottenly misquoting.

In the Harry Dresden novel today, I was reminded of how interesting people's AUs can be--there was this casual aside where the hero was describing how magic works, how at midnight the world is essentially "re-set to zero" so that any magical spells in operation stop working. And it takes a lot of power to make a spell last for two or three days. A highly cool concept, while at the same time totally unlike how things work in the Buffyverse, which is the magical verse I'm most at home in at the moment.

Anyway, I'm all primed with interesting alt-u ideas, watching UV and reading the Dresden book, and some part of me wants to just put all these ideas together in a big stew pot and see what comes of it.

Meanwhile, I think I'm coming down with a sore throat and still haven't had dinner. Pffft.

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