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QAF 4.1 "I need a title"

They finally got episode titles! (I was wrong. Bastards! Hmmph.) Also, I thought it wouldn't be on until 10 p.m. but apparently I get the east coast feed, so hey, 7 p.m. here!

I've basically got nothing to say except woo hoo, and now of course I'll belie that by blathering for a paragraph or six. I really, really loved last season. I thought it was the most perfect arc ever, and the finale was joyous and transcendent. So now I'm curious to see how they move on from there. I don't know what to think of the fact that they made Brian human--he took *money*, he said *thank-you*. I really thought he might rip that check up. He once would have absolutely hated that whole set-up, regardless of the charade about "Concerned Citizens for the Truth" that was supposed to sweeten the pill. I mean, me personally, I'd hate to be in a position like that and I'd have been grimacing and red-faced and squirrelly. Still brooding on this.

Hunter grew on me last season exactly as they planned--the next to last episode where we find out about his mom (or wait, was that the last one?) just ripped my heart out. He was so great tonight, going from recidivist hustler to manipulative mom-slayer in 45 minutes. Loved how he kicked her ass with that kiss and tell. Man. I know the actor's homely as all hell and his character has the personality of a brick hurled at fifty miles an hour, but I think that's the whole point and I occasionally find him a little endearing despite himself. I wouldn't want to live with him, so I think Michael and Ben are angels...

...who have very weird sex. Hal Sparks fakes it pretty poorly. Robert Gant, however, sounds convincingly like he's about to come and come and come. But the staginess of Michael/Ben sex never works as well as it does for Brian/Justin. They're cute together, but the chemistry isn't the same.

But Brian and Justin, dear god. When Brian says, "That wasn't love," and Justin says "It was for me" and they kissed--I predictably died the little death. Eeeeee! Yes, a new season of QAF is here. Watch me squee like a demented chipmunk. Brian & Justin 4-evah! OTPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

OTP *not* is Ted & Emmett. Am feeling rather glad they've broken up as I think they'll make better friends. Frankly I don't want anyone to hook up with Ted, at least not at the moment. I think he'd be bad for *anyone* right now. He's acting like a shmuck. Which isn't to say I don't identify with him. I almost over-identify with him. And, you know, I am a shmuck who'd be bad for anyone right now, possibly ever.

Brian and Justin, Brian and Justin...sigh.

The ending was like a flag coming down across a starting line as if to say, "Let the season's dramatic arc...BEGIN!" Yeah. I watched the previews off the S3 DVD a week or so ago, so I know what's coming and got wildly excited. sherrold was there, she can attest--I literally nearly climbed up on the back of the couch and perched there squeaking. (Of course, she might not have noticed, as I think her eyes were glued to the screen too.)

I am very happy to have men kissing each other in my living room again. Also, this show is one long piece of slash fan-fiction. Yesssss!

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