Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

wizards are evil.

So, that whole wizard thing I described yesterday...I woke up this morning and further realizations struck me. One being that this person whose entire job it is to make wizards is an Operational Excellence black-belt who gets paid more than I do. She showed me her project task matrix, which is like a hundred tasks long, and most of them are things I have no training on or even comprehension of. I'm suddenly having this "WTF?" reaction, because I was told I owned the job of making my own wizard, which implies to me that I am supposed to fully own it, and therefore would need to be driving its development in a parallel fashion. ARGHHHHH.

Also my neck hurts. Really hurts. I managed to schedule a short massage for tonight as an emergency measure ("I have to catch a 6:45 ferry but I can give you 20 minutes...") and don't know how I'm going to wait until then.

I am grumpy.

Dear Guy Sitting Across from Me: You do realize that clipping your nails at your desk is really tacky, right? Why don't you just whip your penis out and piss into your trashcan, too?

I don't care if people groom themselves near me, as long as I don't have to watch and it's not AUDIBLE.

In other news, I chopped the tail off my story document last night--always an important step in the writing process. I removed twelve pages of notes (dear god), leaving a 48-page story. It's one of my longest in a long time, and it's still not done. Removing the story notes is like clearing away the shrubbery so that I have a better view of my end point. I think I have four or five more scenes. I wish I could say that this equaled to four or five more *days*, but that's so not the case.

I wonder if I sound like my old self yet. I still don't feel comfortable in fandom the way I used to. I guess I'm pretending otherwise.
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