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24 February 2004 @ 08:22 pm
why usqaf is the serious crack  
At the end of 2.16 ("Great Expectations"), Brian stops at a flower stand outside a market and picks up a bouquet of roses and thinks about bringing them home to Justin, who is aching for a demonstration of love and romance--who is at home that *very* moment, listening to Ethan's violin music and imagining a future with the Other Guy--and meanwhile the shop guy asks if Brian wants him to wrap the bouquet for him and Brian stands there a moment, sunk deep inside himself, then says no, and puts the bouquet down and walks away, alone, down the rain-slick sidewalk through the trees, at night, going home to Justin, not realizing he is making a horribly ill-timed mistake in not making that *one* tiny gesture that might have changed everything, not realizing that his "principled" anti-romance stance makes Justin feel unloved...

...and we end the episode and segue to Rufus Wainright's "Poses."

Mmm. Pain, angst, joy just waiting to sprout.
Jack Pridejack_pride on March 3rd, 2004 03:56 pm (UTC)
GH says it so much more artsy tortured with drop dead hot askance glances at the camera then I could

As he should. *g*

But I didn't think the flowers were meant to be literal, it was more about an act of softness. It could have been just as easily the floor picnic or a b-day present for Justin.

"An act of softness" - I like that. Because I do interpret the flowers as being particularly reminiscent of his parents, I really can't get behind Brian buying flowers (buying forgiveness? buying silence?) whereas I could definitely get behind any of these other acts of softness. I also suspect those acts would be easier for him than flowers - fewer painful connotations.

Thanks for the input!