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24 February 2004 @ 08:22 pm
why usqaf is the serious crack  
At the end of 2.16 ("Great Expectations"), Brian stops at a flower stand outside a market and picks up a bouquet of roses and thinks about bringing them home to Justin, who is aching for a demonstration of love and romance--who is at home that *very* moment, listening to Ethan's violin music and imagining a future with the Other Guy--and meanwhile the shop guy asks if Brian wants him to wrap the bouquet for him and Brian stands there a moment, sunk deep inside himself, then says no, and puts the bouquet down and walks away, alone, down the rain-slick sidewalk through the trees, at night, going home to Justin, not realizing he is making a horribly ill-timed mistake in not making that *one* tiny gesture that might have changed everything, not realizing that his "principled" anti-romance stance makes Justin feel unloved...

...and we end the episode and segue to Rufus Wainright's "Poses."

Mmm. Pain, angst, joy just waiting to sprout.
for you I'd bleed myself dryboniblithe on February 25th, 2004 08:10 am (UTC)
Ah ... you so want to scream at Brian, take the flowers home, you moron, but in reality it would be an empty gesture because he doesn't really mean it. Flowers aren't who Brian Kinney is, and that's part of the learning process for Justin as well - identifying what he is willing to live with, or without, in the balance when weighed against everything else.

OMG, I am such an OTPer for them.