Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

meme age

I like found objects. Gacked from mpoetess. Not sure I did this 100 percent correctly, but eh.

Write a random phrase from each of the following:

    Nearest book to you: 'Don't get all gnomic with me, you old fraud.' -- Stephen Fry, The Hippopotamus

    Nearest cd insert: "In 1975, disco was in full swing. The most popular dance was the hustle.... [snip] The friend returned to demonstrate the hustle to McCoy, who was excited to see touch-dancing making a comeback." -- Ultimate Seventies, 1975

    Nearest piece of paper that you wrote on: "See what clarifying instructions can be added to [deleted] blurbs."

    Nearest piece that was written to you: Nothing. We send each other e-mail.

    Something on your desk: "Naziren--half-breed, proud, slightly crazy, ruthless. Actor identity? Johnny Depp? Or the guy who played Dorian Gray? Mother was human. He fences, likes fine things. His goal is _______? Power behind the scenes." (One of the few story notes I have jotted in my work meeting notebook.)
I also used the words "toxic doughnut" in earnest today.

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