Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Smallville: Rush

Cutting away for length and spoilers.

Groovy ep, I thought. I pretty much agreed with thamiris's review, which essentially said that the ep showed off the show's style: big, goofy, comic-book fun. It was repetitive of previous episode ideas, which sucks, but there were surprises, like Pete putting the red kryptonite in Clark's shirt. Man, he was out of control. It was nice to see him having fun, though he was kinda third wheel, and definitely not getting any on the Chloe front. Which strikes me as kind of odd, since they apparently dropped his own thwarted crush on her and jealousy of Clark, articulated the last time he was out-of-control guy. Granted, it's hard to say which was less in character--his crush, or his casual, seemingly unenvious acceptance that his two best friends were gonna make out while he chauffered them around.

Clark and Lex. My heart went pitty-pat for the angsty CLex. I can't believe they left that so unresolved. I hope they follow up on that next week somehow--they have been working the continuity for a while now. Still, if his behavior is going to remain unexplained to Lana, it might well go unexplained to Lex, too. Which means that if the status returns to quo, Lex has gotta be pretty forgiving. I guess that could help explain his tag--when we see them palling around again next week, we won't assume Lex with a heart of gold, but manipulative Lex with an agenda.

The archaeologist's question about Lex's fascination with Clark cracked me up. Yeah, Lex. What do you see in that 16-year old boy with the pouty lips?

The saga of Clark & Lana. I wish it would just be over with. I'd like to think this ep--this incident--was the nail in the coffin. It certainly *felt* like that. In fact, as bored as I almost always am by their half-capsized, half-floating ship, I thought that last scene between them hit a superbly dark note. The way Clark was forced to leave it, the way he walked away, the expression on his face--it was such an adult moment for him. You could see the grim realization of just how utterly hopeless it was to try
and reconcile his secret with a personal, romantic life. It felt very forward-looking--a watershed moment, and it captured this layering of Clark (now) and Superman (to be). Best moment of the ep.

I loved that Clark revealed all his secrets to Chloe--great stuff, so matter of factly done--and winced when we learned she'd lost all her memory. Gah. I need some ice cream to choke down the taste of that cliche. Loved how, when they're in the barn and Lex comes in, Chloe asks: "Does he know?" Second best moment of the ep. {g} The way they talk about it in front of him. I didn't get, though, what Chloe was implying when she told Lana that Clark had told her "everything." It didn't really make an impact. Afterwards, I've read people's comments suggesting that this was yet another tweak relating to the Big Secret. But I'm always so confused by Lana's outlook on Clark's secret. I don't get whether she intuits that there's something truly significant about him, or if she just keeps jabbing him about his secretiveness in this lame-ass way. The secret is this non sequitur between them. Or maybe I mean nonsense.

The show has so many flaws, but when it goes for camp it does it well. I wish it could mix camp and intelligence, light and darkness, the way certain graphic novels do. As it is, sometimes I feel like I'm watching a highly Christian show, in which all the text has been removed. Other times, of course, I feel like I'm watching QueerTV, so all in all, it's an odd viewing experience.


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