Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

sanity check

If I were a vampire, I'd bite people. It seems only natural. You can't bite people over the Internet of course, so I'd have to confine myself to biting people at work who piss me off. Bite bite bite bite bite!

I watched an episode of The L Word last night. It didn't reach out and grab me by the tits but I got interested; it has potential. I'm wary of being too critical as I had to backpedal pretty quickly on QAFUS. ("Wow, this sucks, I mean come on, this really suc--oh my *god*, *Brian Kinney*! Justin! Squeee!") The guy who played BiCurious's husband reminded me of Dennis Quaid.

Also watched some more S3 Angel. "Carpe Noctem" and part of "Fredless." Angel/Boreanz in CN cracked me up. Also, it's funny, back in Sentinel fandom, we used to have a term, "angel shots," for whenever the camera lingered on Blair's parted lips, limpid eyes, or ethereal hair, in a way that highlighted his beauty far more than whatever babe of the week Jim or Blair was ostensibly interested in, camera shots that practically purred, "We all know who's *really* this show's crypto-female lead." Anyway, Angel had a lot of angel shots in S3. Not femme-y ones, but ones where he is very lickable, more so than I remembered.

It was interesting to see how quickly Amy Acker dialed her accent down from one episode to the next as the season began.

A huge void will open up next fall, when there's no Whedon show on the air. Smallville's appeal seems to be waning, Stargate has only a nostalgic, Trekkish hold on me now, Alias I'm a season behind on so I only watch it via DVDs, and Queer as Folk has an erratic schedule and for all I know may only do a 14-episode season again, which would suck. I know I'm only taping Angel right now, but it's because I'm emotionally invested and avoid-y, not because I'm passionless and uninterested.

In other news, wiseacress posted a link to more photos of SF's gay marriages and I cried, in a dribbly, low-key, sniffly way. All the pictures have been making me dribble a bit.

And turning to the weather...inside my head...Spike is a girl again and sleeping with Xander and last night wore a long red gown when attending the symphony, where Wolfram & Hart's new VP of Special Projects mooned obsessively over her and earned himself a hard slap in the face.

Help me.

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