Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I have been writing today. I am still enamored of my latest noir installment, even after all this time--the one in progress, I mean. I worry that people won't get it. I wish I could write faster, to keep readers in the flow.

I've started watching S3 Angel. It's been long enough that I've forgotten a lot of details and it's fresh and new again. The first two episodes were very cool--for whatever reason I had zero recollection of James and Elizabeth, and was amazed at how human James was. There seemed to be a disparity between him and her; the banally evil bitch who broke into a dorm and kidnapped kids for a joy-ride of death was hard to connect up to the passionately loving vampire who sought to avenge her. They were some of the oldest vamps we've seen; what had they been doing for the past few centuries? Especially since it seemed that James didn't have the low-down on Angel's presence or soul until after E's death.

Wes and Gunn eating Chinese food and then drawing Fred out from under the table to join them. Very adorable. So sad to think of their falling-out later on.

I have been eating lots of iron-y foods for the last three days. My food once mooed. I am feeling better.

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