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Spam lines. I actually have ambivalence about the new random-word spam. It's got meme force--people find it catchy and are always sharing their recent finds, which seems like it could propagate tolerance of spam, which may in fact be part of the point, or at least a major side benefit of its filter-busting logic.

I'm so boring right now. Haven't had much to say and all of a sudden I notice that two weeks have gone by. I've been busy at work and pretty much immobile at home. Still haven't watched Angel; my writing is experiencing a drought. These two things are related. I've picked up the idea, like a superstition, that I shouldn't watch Angel until I finish my current story. God knows when that'll be.

The movie "Scream" is on heavy rotation on cable. I love that movie and find it very comforting. I've watched it so often I'm like a Lucasfilm geek on their 47th viewing of "Star Wars." I will stop and watch it any time it's on and it's on about a hundred times a week right now. I'm not sure why it's so soothing. Maybe it's got some kind of rhythm that matches the pattern of my brain waves. "Miller's Crossing" was on last night and I also watched that. I've decided--maybe unoriginally--that it's Angel's favorite movie. Its existential pointlessness would appeal to him, and so would Tom Reagan: Irish, brooding, bitter, stoic, taciturn, callous, clever, and honorable, in his bent way.

I don't know what Spike's favorite movie is. Maybe "Titanic."

When thamiris made her post on kink I read all the entries and then briefly entertained a plan to make a collage of my own kinks by quoting other people's comments, because of course so many of mine match up with what people wrote. But I got lazy. And I've talked about kink often enough before. One I don't remember seeing was "big guy, little guy" unless I missed it in a thread somewhere along the line.

On that note, Spike has been sleeping with Liam Neeson lately. I don't know what to make of that. He's also blind and powerful and kind to children. My fantasies are deeply pathetic at the moment and are so overplayed they're covered with scratches and skipping in places. I need to be writing.

Must go back to work instead.

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