Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

weasel dance

I will not debate Xander's sexuality on BetterBuffyFics.
I will not debate Xander's sexuality on BetterBuffyFics.
I will not debate Xander's sexuality on BetterBuffyFics.

Because I will only snarl and reveal my fangs. Both the slashers and the non-slashers are pissing me off. Apparently middle ground is too slippery for people. Instead, let's take provocative stances and throw blanket statements at people, guaranteed to produce the lowest, most pointless level of discussion on any subject. Gah.

I got spam this morning that said, "Smack the fuck out of my ass bitch!! Click here!!" Somehow that fits my mood.

I have reached the point where I have Lots Of Work here at work, and jesus fuck, I need to plug myself into the zone today and clear stuff off my to-do list. To echo recent LJ posts: I love my job. But I am also feeling very fannish and writerly right now, and it makes it difficult for me to focus. On the inside, I'm like a white mouse on crack, quivering and spastic and squeaking its tiny lungs out. On the outside, I'm kind of just sitting here and staring sleepily at the monitor.

This is also very emblematic of how I often feel at work. Well, okay. That may be stretching it. On my *good* days, that's how I feel. At other times, I am the lazy, selfish weasel. This look at the trends that shape our world also says something deep and meaningful and true, nothing at all.

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