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Brussels sprouts.

Has anyone else noticed that even after BBF changed its intro format to remove the "What I will never ever read" question--done, I suspect, to cut down on the prevalance of antislash responses--people have still managed to shoehorn their distaste into what seems like the majority of introductions?

From this day forward I vow to define myeslf only by what I dislike. Please expect to see many posts about Brussels sprouts in the future. I intend to mention them at every opportunity. I need to carve out a territorial niche in the anti-Brussels sprout segment of fandom, and ally myself with like-minded people, hopefully to establish a visible Moral Majority for the benefit of those who might otherwise take my silence for consent. No longer will I sit quietly by and tolerate the casually offensive existence of those round green pellets of putrid vegetable matter, like eggs from some smelly alien or hell-spawned demon god. I intend to make sure President Bush knows my feelings too. I think he'd understand.

It's at times like these that I realize I don't have an icon that says SCREAMMMMMMMM. No need to send me any. I'll just think it.

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