Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

but it's *good* spam

Melymbrosia--she, whose very name means something possibly wondrous that I've never bothered to look up! she of the ever boiling noodle! no, really, I swear that means something!--posted a link to these fabulous, exquisitely tiny stories by some guy named Michael Swanwick, who just became my readerly crush of the day. Go read Mely's post and follow the links. She is a woman of much taste. Far tastier than Spam.

I think it's time for me to go to the grocery store, by the way. One of my purchases will be mayonnaise with which to make a sandwich. And the sandwich will be good and I'll eat it while reading more of these tiny little stories.

ETA: My favorite part of this croc movie is when they crashed the wee little model boat off some tidal rocks and pretended it was a really *big* boat with people inside, not to mention really big rocks, which they really weren't. This is funny. Especially without the sound on. Also, the croc's rubber legs do not detach from its sides. It's propelling itself through the water with the power of its mind! The man inside must have trouble swimming through the sound stage.

ETA 2: Oh my god, I wish everyone could see this beautiful stupid movie because it just had the best scene ever, to rival Bela Lugosi's infamous octopus scene, and I quote: "The comic highlight of Tim Burton's ED WOOD is a scene featuring a stuffed octopus that Wood used as a prop. Since he didn't have the necessary motor, Bela Lugosi threw his body down upon the puppet and, in an attempt to create the illusion of mobility, wrapped the creature's limbs about his torso." In fine cinematic tradition, the gritty psychotic hero of our movie just performed astonishing acrobatics in which he manfully thrust his legs into the styro-foamy jaws of the croc while hanging from a pipe and *pulled* the creature forward to simulate attack. Ha ha ha I really need to leave the house now.
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