Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

chick lit revisited

coffeeandink offers a few links on the genre. While reading the article she pointed out, I came across a quote from Annie Sprinkle, saying that "the solution to bad porn isn't no porn, it's better porn." Sweet. And very true. And in the same vein, the solution to bad slash isn't no slash: it's better slash. Heh.

Topical, because I just read an Angel story which, no, none of you wrote, that makes me facepalm in dismay--one of those stories that people obviously have in mind, and on the bottom of their shoe, when they sweepingly pan the entirety of all slash ever written, ever, ever, ever, in Trite Little Rant #37.

Right now I am trying to remember that these bad stories are just funhouse reflections of my own freaky kinks and that the writing is probably someone's earnest expression of joy.

*crickets chirp*

Then again perhaps bad stories are mutant bunnies breeding at the speed of light and taking over our archives and our souls while our enemies yodel in glee and point fingers of mockery and we must destroy them! Destroy! Destroy!

Hmm. Must remember to call Anya, schedule that bloody vengeance for Monday.
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