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I tend to think of Stargate as "that fandom I was in briefly between Sentinel and Buffy." What I tend to *forget* is how incredibly white-hot obsessed I was with it for that period of time. I just found some old files of rather staggeringly detailed summaries and notes I made on the first five episodes; I don't think I ever planned to do anything with them except use them for stories. I am scary. I thought I'd post the first two--so you can see how scary I am! As if you need more evidence.

Children of the Gods

Plot and details:

The gate project has been closed down. The gate is tarped and seems to be manned by a detail of low-ranking AF types who obviously don't take the duty seriously; either that, or they've all snuck down to play poker. There is mention at some point that they've been moving out and reassigning personnel for months, as the project is shut down. One woman is obviously there for the first time; she sees the gate billow and then it blows open. Serpent guards and Apophis stride through. The Jaffa have nearly bulletproof armor and withstand many direct shots from the AF personnel. Teal'c briefly shows his face. He takes the woman captive and then gives her to Apophis; at one point while holding the woman, he turns his back on the shooting and lets the bullets bounce off the reverse of his armor. They leave back through the gate, which acts as a two-way gate. The gate room is littered with the dead. We see General Hammond for the first time, assessing it all. [?] He has replaced General West.

Jack is brought out of retirement. We first see him sitting on the roof of his house, stargazing. Major Samuels--who has some administrative role with the SG project--comes for him. Jack is taken to Cheyenne. He and Hammond meet. Hammond mentions this is his last tour, and that he's thinking of writing a book; he attempts to joke with Jack. Jack says if he wrote a book he'd have to kill anyone who read it. He mentions that most of his work from the last ten years is classified. This is an early example of the Hammond/Jack dynamic in which Hammond tries to make small talk with Jack, whereas Jack always cuts to the chase or else gets dryly snarky. Eventually this dynamic falls to desuetude.

They discuss Jack's report about Abydos. Jack's report mentioned that Ra was an alien living inside a human host. We see Ferretti and Kawalsky pass by on their way to a debriefing, asjack and Hammond walk to the gate room. Hammond says: "You didn't like Daniel Jackson." Jack sums him up as a geek who sneezed a lot, but then makes it clear that Daniel saved his life and they "bonded." We get some synopsis of the movie's plot. Jack had reported that Daniel and the Abydonians were killed in a nuclear blast. Hammond says, well now the gate is unburied. He believes Apophis came through from Abydos. They are sending a nuclear weapon through. Jack tells them they can't do that. He tells them the report was not entirely accurate. Jack violated direct orders. Hammond is a bit of a hard-ass here. He decides to think about the whole nuclear thing, and has Jack removed.

Jack and Kawalsky hook up in a bunk room and renew their acquaintance. Jack remembers Skaara with obvious fondness. He tells Kawalsky that Skaara reminded him of his son, with a mention of how they both used to salute him all the time. Kawalsky implies that Abydos was their first mission together by saying that they went through it all together and he had never known Jack had a son. Jack tells him his son is dead.

Hammond changes his mind about the bomb. Jack volunteers to lead a mission to Abydos. They intend to send the original MIT probe first, but Jack says no; he grabs a box of Kleenex and sends it through. (It comes back empty with a message from Daniel.) We see the starmap tracking system in action. Hammond goes off to get the President's approval to send a team through the gate. He recalls Jack to active duty. A mission briefing is scheduled for 0800. Captain Carter transfers in from the Pentagon. There is much ragging, and Sam puts up a solid feminist front to establish her credibility. Kawalsky and Ferretti exaggerate the rigors of the gate trip. Samuels suggests burying the gate. Jack points out that the alien race has ships and suggests recon. Hammond gives them a 24 hour mission for threat assessment and tells Jack to bring Daniel back.

The team departs. The Abydonian kids are waiting for them with guns, as is Daniel, who pops out and tells them not to shoot; very commanding. Daniel welcomes them back; Jack ignores him entirely and goes to hug Skaara. We see Sha're again for the first time, looking rather less intelligent than in the movie. Sam looks at the DHD and babbles with scientific excitement, saying it took them three supercomputers and fifteen years to "McGyver" a device for the gate on Earth. Sam and Daniel meet. Jack tells Daniel about the hostile alien visit. Daniel says that the boys have been guarding the gate in shifts "36 hours a day," i.e., no aliens came through from Abydos.

We see Daniel being very touchy-feely with Sha're. He invites them to share dinner until the sandstorm passes. Requisite feast in the pyramid. Discussion: Daniel says that the aliens must have come through another gate. Sam and Jack are confused. They think the gate only goes to Abydos. Sam says they tried "hundreds" of permutations to try and go elsewhere. "You didn't have what you need," Daniel says. He wants to show them something. Before he leaves, he and Sha're share a long kiss. Sha're seems very needy; the crowd catcalls and laughs in a friendly fashion at the spectacle but you get the impression Daniel is a whipped hubby. [The kinder spin is that they are still very much in a honeymoon phase.]

They travel to the city. Daniel found another temple chamber (or whatever) hidden away. It is filled from floor to ceiling with high cartouches, which are inscribed with groupings of seven symbols, all of which are on the stargate and which constitute a map of a vast network of gates across the galaxy. Sam doubts that these are working coordinates, because she tried so many combinations. Daniel tried many as well. Daniel asks, couldn't planets drift, throw off the map. Sam: "I knew I'd like you." She goes on about the expanding universe theory; she says that the more distant a planet is, the more relative difference there'd be; Abydos must be close to Earth. She guesses that in a few thousand years, Abydos would also be inaccessible. She theorizes that she can adjust for Doppler shift and stellar drift using the map as a base. Jack: "So, the stargate can go other places…"

Meanwhile, the gate opens. Apophis and his guards come through. There is a massacre, they take Sha're and Skaara. Jack and the team (Sam, Daniel, and an AF or two) return. Ferretti is wounded. Daniel is anguished: "I should have left the barricade up." Jack demands that Daniel come with them. Daniel gathers his adopted people to him and tells them he is going. He tells them to bury the gate, that he is not coming back, that no one should be able to come through. He tells them he will try to come back in one year with Sha're, and that they should tell her father this. He cries and everyone crowds in and pets him affectionately.

Once on the other side, the titanium iris is closed behind them for the first time and Hammond explains its use to Jack. Hammond and Jackson do not hit it off right away. Daniel asks to be on the team that tries to find the aliens and Sha're. Hammond: "You're not in any position to make demands, Jackson." Ferretti is taken off to the infirmary; he'll make it, and Kawalsky sits with him. Jack leaves the infirmary and finds Daniel hanging out in the hallway. "They don't know what to do with me. And I don't know what to do with myself." Jack takes him home, gives him beer. There is a lit fire. They share a bit about their lives in the past year or so. Daniel says they had a "party" after the original mission, that the Abydonians celebrated their freedom and treated Daniel as their savior. Daniel says it was embarrassing. Daniel says that Sha're was the exact opposite of everyone else--she laughed when he tried to some chore that they all took for granted, like grinding flour. Jack says when he came back from Abydos his wife had already left. He says he thinks she forgave him but she could never forget; says he would never forgive himself, but sometimes he could forget.

Meanwhile, we see Teal'c choosing likely hosts from a harem of women. Apophis seeks a "vessel" for his queen. Teal'c chooses the AF woman. Apophis ribbons her and she is laid on a thingy. An ecstatic priestess type, hosting his queen, comes out and Queenie gets to say ye or ixnay on the proposed host body. Question: why is this particular Gou'ald a queen? Genetic royal stamp? Has Apophis communicated with her in any depth? How mature is this "queen"? Apophis calls her "my love." Odd. Queenie does not like the host, so Apophis ribbons her to death. A moment of obvious Teal'c angst.

Briefing with all players. More formal than in later eps--all stand when Hammond enters, and the general is announced. Daniel articulates that Ra was not the last of his race. Daniel recaps Egyptian legend and M.O. of Ra's race. Sam calculates that with revised coordinates (they've fed the coordinates into the targeting computer) they should be able to dial up two or three destinations a month. The President has okayed the formation of nine SG teams for recon, threat assessment, establishing peaceful relations if possible, etc. "Covert top-secret" teams that no one will know about except the President and joint chiefs. Jack's team is designated SG-1. Jack, Sam…"And me," says Daniel. Hammond says they need Daniel to remain at the base as a consultant to other SG teams. Daniel says a flat "No." He says he needs to go, that his wife is out there. Hammond says he'll take it under advisement. Kawalsky is put in charge of SG-2.

Ferretti wakes up, remembers coordinates of the world Apophis gated to. Teams SG-1 and 2 prep to leave, including Daniel. Hammond tells them that if they aren't back in 24 hours their remote transmitter code will be locked out. "FRED" goes with. [Field Remote ----- Device? Is this the MALP?] We see "molecular deconstruction in process" on the control room computer (I think this was in the movie). They arrive in a field of concentric stones. Daniel figures out the address home and then starts to explain something, but Jack cuts him off. He's also dismissive of Sam, here. He trusts Kawalsky, though, whose team stays behind at the base camp.

Meanwhile, Sha're is taken as prospective host and approved and invaded, perhaps through the back of the neck--though it looks more like the spinal area between her shoulder blades. Question: Perhaps Gou'ald can sense genetic compatibility, health, and fertility?

Priest types come through the woods. Sam and Jack seem to be prepping for an attack, but Daniel pops out to greet them. Jack: "The man does not change." They bow when Daniel says, "Chappa'ai." [Sp?] Daniel deduces from what they say that their destination is Chulak, which is either the city or the planetary name or both. The team is brought to the feast hall. "They think we're gods," says Daniel. "Now what?" says Jack. "I have no idea," Daniel replies. Apophis and Sha're come in. Apophis introduces her as his queen. Daniel runs for Sha're. Apophis whammies him with his hand device and Daniel goes flying. Jack aims his gun at Apophis but Sha're steps in front of him. The team is taken prisoner.

Meanwhile, Hammond and Samuels discuss sealing the gate. Hammond mentions that they can still get a transmission through the gate after the iris is closed. Samuels says that they'd have no way of knowing if the team was compromised, under duress, etc.

Daniel wakes up in captivity--the dungeon. Jack helps him up. They meet up with Skaara there. Teal'c makes first contact with Jack, is interested in his watch, and smartly realizes that it is not Gou'ald technology and that they are from somewhere else. Apophis comes in, and Daniel "recognizes" him from the Book of the Dead. Apophis the Serpent, Ra's rival. There's a Jack/Skaara moment in which Jack pats his face. Then Daniel sees Sha're and starts forward under compulsion, as if pulled on a string. "Jack, help me, please," he says, and Jack and Sam grab his arms and hold him back. Skaara is slow to kneel, when they are commanded. Favored slaves or Gou'ald wander through the crowd, choosing hosts for the "children" of the gods. Daniel leaps and grabs the sleeve of the male. "This one's passionate." Daniel asks: "How much would I remember if you chose me?" ("Daniel [Danny?], what are you doing?" asks Jack.) "Something of the host must survive," says Daniel. He is nearly crying, anguished. At Daniel's words, Teal'c shakes his head. Jack sees. They choose Skaara. Jack cries out as he is dragged off, and Skaara shouts back, "O'Neill! O"Neill!" in a pathetic, horrible way. The guards are given a command to kill the rest.

The line of guards--five or six of them--begins to advance on the crowd, and there is much chaos and wailing; everyone runs to the back of the dungeon. Teal'c moves toward the guards, preparing to take his place. Jack calls out: "I can save these people--help me!" Teal'c whirls, assesses this, fires on the guards. "Many people have said that. But you are the first I believed could do it." He tosses Jack a weapon and they blast out of the dungeon, funneling the people out. Jack to Daniel: "You going to be okay?" No answer from Daniel. Jack claps him on the arm. Jack and Teal'c introduce themselves. Teal'c: "I have nowhere to go." Jack: "After this, you can stay at my place."

The refugees and team trek toward the gate. Teal'c says the refugees who went astray in the woods will be hunted and killed: "Anyone who does not exist to serve their gods is their enemy." Teal'c says: "I am a Jaffa, bred to serve the gods that they may live." Teal'c shows off his infant Gou'ald, describes how it gives him long life and health. Meanwhile, the Gou'ald take a glider to the gate and we see them heading back through; we see the rings in use on the glider. Cut back to trek. Teal'c: "The boy you seek is no longer who he was." Jack: "I don't want to hear that." Kawalsky blows up a second [?] glider. There is some sort of incoherent SG cheer. They lead the refugees out toward the gate. Jack sees Skaara. "No. No," he says, then cries out "Skaara!" and runs up. Skaara smiles: it appears to be an innocent smile, but then we see its evil as he sends Jack flying. Jack angst.

Soldiers approach. Daniel dials out. There is fighting and fleeing. Back in the SGC, we see them waiting to match the transmitter signal. When it's matched we see "Incoming Traveller" on the computer. Question: Does this appear only when the code is matched? Anyway, they go through; Kawalsky gets taken by a Gou'ald. On the other side, Daniel and Sam in synch: "Hold your fire, hold your fire!" The team is hugged and hailed as saviors by the refugees. "Casey" is a casualty, wounded. Hammond to Jack, of Teal'c, after being introduced: "Do you know what he is?" [Odd question.] Jack recommends that Teal'c join SG-1 because he saved their lives. He pretty much puts it on the line, trustwise. Sam and Daniel look surprised and less enthused. We see Kawalsky's eyes glow briefly. Someone (Jack?) describes their ongoing mission as to find Sha're and Skaara.

Language and Dialogue:

· "Jaffa kree!" [?] And a lot of other stuff that's hard to translate, including a phrase that may mean, "Kneel before your master."
· Chappa'ai [?]
· "re-assed" (reassigned)
· Jack: "Ya think?"
· Hammond addresses Jack once as "Airman" in a rather uncomplimentary way.
· Jack: "I like women. I've just a little problem with scientists."
· threat assessment
· Jack: "Didja?"
· Jack: "It's amazing you turned out so normal."
· Jack: "I'm trying to kick the flour thing."
· Jack: "You've had one beer. You're a cheaper date than my wife was."
· Hammond: "I'll take it under advisement."
· Kawalsky to Jack: "Pick me up a tee-shirt."
· Jack of Sha're: "She was a gift." (Daniel then confirms it; that she was a gift from the elders of Abydos. Sam: "And you accepted?" Appalled.)
· base camp
· Jack of Chulak: "I hear it's nice this time of year."
· Daniel: "When in Rome." (Bowing his head.)
· Jack to Daniel: "Easy, big guy." … "Welcome back to the land of the conscious."
· "Movement in the trees" … "hostiles" … "claymores" … "a whole battalion" … "200 yards and closing."
· Daniel: "We need cover!"
· "wormhole disengaged"

Oddities, Questions:

· A two-way gate. (Seah says no, see DHD list for theory.)
· Everyone has ice-frosted cheeks when they come through the gate (Daniel even has frosted glasses). This is eventually dropped; nor do we tend to see people getting cramped up and nauseous in subsequent episodes, even if it's their first time through the gate.
· Daniel sneezes when he gates/travels. This is abandoned in time.
· We see Daniel using his notebook to find Earth coordinates. Odd, even though it is the first time--except it's not, he dialed from Abydos. Is it different for each planet?
· A staff weapon shot appears to go through the gate--but apparently does not reach the SGC.
· The wormhole stays open a long time: how, why?
· They decided that they need to rig the SGC computer to compensate for stellar drift, but the DHDs seem to do it automatically. Why then does Daniel have no luck with the Abydonian DHD after trying dialing combos for months? [Sandy says: yes, you compensate for drift, but then you thus create entirely new coordinates / dialing combos that wouldn't match with those on the cartouche.]


· Jack wears a black leather jacket and khakis. He's from Chicago.
· Carter had a "Major Matt Mason" astronaut doll as a child.
· Carter, when asked, "Have you ever pulled out of a simulated bombing run in an F16 at 8 gees?" answers yes. She also logged over 100 hours over enemy airspace during the Gulf War, is a theoretical astrophysicist and expert on the gate. She studied the gate technology for two years before Daniel went through and feels she should have been on the Abydos mission.
· Jack pushes Carter through the gate the first time through.
· There are two (or more) suns on Chulak.
· Daniel referencing the Book of the Dead
· The whammy hand device is used
· The ribbon hand device is used (same device?)
· The remote transmitter is used beginning with the very first mission


· Sneezing Daniel
· Daniel easily drunk

Gou'ald by name:

· Apophis
· Amaunet ("Ah-mo-net")

Planets referenced:

· Abydos
· Chulak

The Enemy Within

Plot and Details:

Jack and Charlie Kawalsky are put in charge of SG-1 and SG-2 to run concurrent missions: P38577 and P38575. They joke familiarly together as Hammond briefs them in the control room. (They seem very close, throughout the ep.) Kawalsky is himself here; we find out later he was taken by an infant Gou'ald, which for a long time does not manage to become one with its host.

Gou'alds have been attacking regularly since their trip to Chulak. The titanium iris is taking a beating. Jack implies they're sending people through. "Like bugs on a windshield," he says when Daniel questions this. Hammond runs a three-minute autodestruct sequence for the base during the attack. This has got to be stressful, but no one seems very anxious--notably, neither Jack nor Daniel. Defense teams are at the ready. If the iris doesn't hold, Sam says, the fail-safe device will detonate and this whole mountain will vaporize.

Later, Hammond and Jack discuss Jack's request to have Teal'c join SG-1. Colonel Kennedy is en route from the Pentagon to question Teal'c, to find out what they're up against, to get insight into technology, to run tests. This is the first alien species we've run into, Hammond reminds Jack. Jack worries about Teal'c becoming a guinea pig for Military Intelligence. Jack stakes his word for Teal'c, saying that he is one hundred percent sure that Teal'c will not change sides again.

Teal'c is being held in a cell-like bunk room, locked up, with guards. Jack tells Teal'c that they sent the last of the refugees back through the gate (to Chulak) just before the Gou'ald began attacking. Good, says Teal'c. Question: Good? How so? Teal'c believes the attacks will peter out and that the Gou'ald will believe themselves successful in their attack. They will not try until later to verify this.When Teal'c asks if he is a prisoner, Jack hesitates briefly, blows out a breath, then says, "Uh...yeah." Definitely. He doesn't lie or obfuscate. He walks around a bit with his hands in his pockets, finds chair, sits. Hand gestures--lots of small hand gestures as he talks. Sometimes shakes his head as he delivers negative news. When he says, "I think they're scared of ya," he makes a gesture to say, "Look at you." (Who wouldn't be scared?) "We tend to be afraid of things we don't know." Teal'c asks why Jack is not afraid. Jack says that Teal'c stood up to a god to save them. "In that moment," Jack says, "I learned everything I needed to know to trust you." As Jack leaves, Teal'c refers to the future, when Jack will show him his world. Jack agrees.

Briefing room. Daniel and Sam discuss and present info on the DHD, not by name. Daniel says there should be one on every planet they find. He studied the one on Abydos for months, he says. He notices Kawalsky in the gate room. Staring at gate. His awareness and memory comes and goes. He goes to the infirmary. He has already killed Dr. Ninseki (?) previously, whom he went to see about a headache. We see Dr. Warner, chief surgeon, for the first time.

Teal'c is being briefed, with Hammond, Kennedy, et al (guards, aides). He stands at the end of the table and formally pledges his life and honor to Earth; he offers his knowledge. Jack arrives. "Permission to barge in, sir?" Kennedy tells him: "Your mission report on Chulak made for the most engrossing analysis of my career." Jack is notably irreverent in the face of brass, and with his coevals (other colonels). Jack is very much Teal'c's advocate and protector here. Teal'c says that the Gou'ald control many hundreds of worlds but find many others useless and abandon the people and leave them to fend for themselves. "Some, like Apophis, are great kings, and rule over many worlds as their gods…but they have no need for peace. If they could kill you, they would." Teal'c confirms that they have spacecraft, but that it would take them many months or years without using the stargate to reach Earth, and many vessels, many slave armies. Jack: "We're not that much of a nuisance, just yet." Teal'c says there is a legend of a first world, the Tauri (sp?), where the Gou'ald first harvested among its primitive people that evolved there. (Question: Teal'c has a concept of evolution?) Some became hosts, some Jaffa, some slaves--and they were seeded among many stars to serve the Gou'ald. Kennedy confirms that Earth is Tauri, as does Jack. If they had not buried the gate, they would not have become strong enough to fight. The galaxy is seeded with the ancient peoples of Earth. (All of whom speak English, ha.) Teal'c says the Tauri are the greatest hope (of the descendents of Earth) and his.

Daniel and Sam scene. Daniel says his mind races thinking of Sha're--he has not been sleeping. He goes to find a dark, empty bunk room and discovers the doctor that Kawalsky killed. Warner does an MRI of Kawalsky, sees the Gou'ald, sets condition "red" when the creature reveals itself. Kawalsky, with alien, gets away and heads for the control room. When cornered, he grabs Sam and drags her off, gets in an elevator, etc. It appears that Daniel was waiting to use the elevator--whatever the case, he's standing by it, arms folded, being a general oblivious obstruction to the soldiers. Kawalsky is inside, tending to Sam, having forgotten what happened and unaware that he'd thrown her against the elevator wall. Jack is the first one in. Kawalsky is taken the infirmary, asks worriedly about everything he did. We discover that there is a Gou'ald wrapped around his spine, an infant without full control. The parasite is entwined through the nervous system, difficult to remove surgically, says Warner.

Hammond, Jack, and Kennedy go to Teal'c. They want to ensure that the Gou'ald in Kawalsky is not Teal'c's. Kennedy does not want to explain, but Jack disregards his close-mouthedness and flatly explains to Teal'c what's happening. He freaks a bit when he sees the creature poking out of Teal'c's stomach, though. We see Kawalsky in a med lab, strapped face down on a tilting surgical table. They all go in to question the creature. Teal'c theorizes (at some point) that there will be a "struggle for the host body." He guesses that the host is immature--he knows an awful lot of physiological info for someone who recently believed in gods. Note: the Gou'ald is born with the entire genetic knowledge of its race, a genetic memory. Kawalsky is unwilling to let the creature surface, but Hammond first wants to try and talk to it. The Gou'ald is rude, savage and arrogant, and it recognizes Teal'c as a traitor--we can deduce that it must absorb information while in the womb. When the Gou'ald lapses back into dormancy, Hammond says to Kawalsky that he should not worry, he won't put him through that again. Hammond is rigidly angry here, on behalf of one of his men.

They go off to conference on how to proceed. Colonel Kennedy's recommendation is to leave the parasite in Teal'c, because to take it out is certain death for the creature and bad odds for Kawalsky. No one is impressed by this argument and express themselves in various not too polite ways, including Sam who is nearly insubordinate to Kennedy. Hammond is outraged at the suggestion ("What kind of officer are you?") and this is the first time we see him flex his brass muscles to call the President. Cut to shot of Warner testing anesthetic on Teal'c and his Gou'ald for Kawalsky's surgery, then to a scene with Jack and Kawalsky. Kawalsky is in bed, and they discuss the upcoming surgery and what may occur if things go bad. Jack holds Kawalsky's hand at his request. Jack makes a joke even in the face of death. ("Can I have your stereo?") They bring Kawalsky to surgery, and he asks Hammond to "give the order" if they can't get the parasite out. Hammond agrees. All of SG-1 and Hammond watch from the med observation room. Daniel speculates that if this succeeds it may be reversible for Sha're.

They extract what they believe to be a Gou'ald corpse and the surgery is believed successful. Kawalsky recuperates, and seems okay. Seems like himself, but is probably Gou'ald from that point on. Meanwhile, Kennedy announces his intention to return to Langley (sp?). Hammond: "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out." Kennedy says he is taking Teal'c with him (and, we later find out, the dead Gou'ald), he has authorization.

Daniel asks Kawalsky if he wants to see the dead Gou'ald. "Daniel thinks it's fascinating," Jack says. Daniel denies this. He has a very detached, scientific manner here. Kawalsky asks to see Teal'c before he's taken off; as Gou'ald, he refers to Teal'c as his friend. He reveals his Gou'aldy self to Teal'c and confirms that it was only a "dead husk" taken from the host. He had already become "one with the host." He asks Teal'c to serve, and Teal'c refuses. Gou'ald strangles him half to death, then escapes. He goes to control room, sets destruct, opens gate, closes blast window (?). Teal'c is waiting for him on the ramp, will not let him pass. They fight. Hammond and Jack go to the control room, open blast window, watch. They shut down the gate and Kawalsky is killed with half his head in the gate; the Gou'ald drops out afterwards. Hammond and Jack wait an inexplicably long time to cancel auto-destruct; note, they need two ranking offiers to override the fail-safe. Jack, of Kawalsky: "My friend died on the table."

Ending: they gear up for a mission. Sam observes that Kawalsky knowing the code to set the auto-destruct is good news, because--Daniel finishes her thought--it means that something of the host must survive. As they prepare to "ship out" on their "standard recon mission," Teal'c comes in, geared to go with them. Jack teaches Teal'c to call Hammond "sir." The MALP is mentioned. ("The MALP reports conditions are favorable…") They take off.

Language and Dialogue:

· "All defense teams, remain in position."
· Hammond to Jack: "Not much for small talk, are you, Colonel."
· "embarkation room" and "control room"
· Hammond calls Teal'c "son" twice in this episode
· "condition red" (general base alert? Alien presence?)
· "Close the blast doors! Emergency in the control room!"
· Jack: "A cakewalk."
· Jack: "For cryin' out loud."
· Kawalsky: "Never better."
· Kawalsky: "Give the order." (Kill.)
· ganglia of the parasite still "constricting periodically" … "thin filaments extending into the brain"
· Hammond: "This facility is the front line…"
· Not from ep, but make note of: "sit-rep" and "no soap" ("I looked for that damn gun, but no soap." I.e., I couldn't find it.)


· Teal'c says: "A Jaffa does not communicate with the Gou'ald it carries."


· Teal'c's knowledge of Gou'ald physiology
· How the infant Gou'ald knows Teal'c is a traitor; how it absorbs information
· Whether or not they continue to debrief Teal'c at any length after this--especially considering that he's still giving them basic info about the Gou'ald years later


· Daniel with a cup of coffee, stating that it will help him stay up for hours, thereby establishing fanon forever

Gou'ald by name:

· The Gou'ald we see is not named.

Planets referenced:

· P38577 and P38575 (They don't make it to either of these during the ep, but at the end, they're about to visit one of them.)

So, I was talking to Sandy last night about a story I'd read, where the apocalypse comes and Spike is the only one left kicking around, or so he thinks--and then he comes across Xander, who is up for auction. Spike buys him and keeps him for a while, having to spend huge wads of cash to get him treats, like oranges and such. I thought this was by wiseacress but I can't find the story. Does anyone remember what this is? [ETA: I was thinking of Dark Horse, yes. Thanks, guys!]

Also, dude! I need to rec poshcat's S/X story, Brothers in Arms. Because. Because! *glee*

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    Just posting to wave hello, I'm alive, I'm maintaining. I haven't been online; mostly, I've been pacing out daily routines, or holding onto the rope…

  • (no subject)

    The week to two-week placement I'm currently in has turned into a potentially long-term month-to-month opportunity, and I accepted the offer this…

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    LiveJournal is branding itself as "A global community of friends who share your unique passions and interests." My unique passions; those which I…