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I tried to write some smut, a nice little Riley/Spike PWP that I figured could serve as a holiday gift to readers, and an hour later I was hip-deep in the economic crisis of the midwestern farmer and the evils of farm subsidies and the theory of soybean-corn crop rotation. Arghhhhhhh!

When porn research goes tragically wrong. Next on "Geraldo."

It'd be cool if I had multiple personalities and one of them was an Iowa farm boy.

Went to see "Lost in Translation" with sherrold tonight. Slow movie, self-indulgent at times, especially as it waned, but parts were funny as hell. I'm always thrilled when Bill Murray gets a chance to show his stuff.

My Christmas rental flicks were less successful. I rented "Freaky Friday" to rewatch and decided it's a movie that works only once. My other rental was "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." As they say: two hours of my life I can never get back that I could have spent picking lint from my carpet or worrying at my back tooth or staring at the gently moving cobweb on my ceiling as I listened to "Lady Marmalade" for the three-hundredth time and imagined, with ineffectual ennui, Spike straddling Riley. (My fantasies are just not cooperating lately.)

The only good thing about TLoEG was the guy who played Dorian Gray, who I suppose, if I'm being honest, redeemed those two hours enough to keep me from throwing the rental tape into the bay instead of returning it and then paying Hollywood Video for its loss, all as a service to humanity, in order to keep fewer members of the viewing public from the temptation of trying to watch it. In short, he was pretty. But I really wish they'd had the next "Alias" DVD in stock.

I thought I'd follow the trend--baaaa! baaaaa!--and post some Secret Slasha and Yuletide recs.

Our Gay Apparel - (BtVS, S/A) Cute and airy, bookended with what I imagine are the requestor's provisions--the beginning sexual twist and ending line--and if those provisions err on the side of wish-fulfillment, I can't mind much. They're in line with my own wishes, up here thirty thousand feet above canon where the clouds are light and fluffy and the oxygen is thin and la la la Spike is loved.

Not True Nowhere - (BtVS, S/X/W) Since I had a S/X/W threesome running in my head for a week or two not terribly long ago, this was interesting to read, especially since it made Wes the jelly filling of the sandwich. Wes's issues are of a flavor I flirt with often--that needy, angsty insecurity appeals to me, especially when assuaged by love, protectiveness, adoration. Sex! In my mental stories, it's always Spike who's needy, but not in quite this way. The emotional triangle isn't something I usually go for, where one person feels on the outs and suspects his partners of caring about each other more than him. But it all ends well, so yay for angst.

Reconciliation - (Firefly, S/J) Nicely done. Fun banter. Very believable hang-ups for Jayne; one can see him making those homophobic sexual distinctions. And Simon handles it beautifully. So to speak.

In Case of Emergency - (THGttG, Ford/Zaphod) The combination of the "Hitchhiker" humor and slash is, you know, fun. Duh. *g*

The Galactic Miscellany - (THGttG, Ford/Arthur) See above. Ditto.

José Cuervo, or How Will Bailey Stopped Worrying and Started Dating a Republican - (WW, WB/JQ) I don't even know these characters--I stopped watching "West Wing" a while back--but this was still very fun. Enough said.

Diversionary Tactics - (SN, D/C) Awwww. Dan! Casey! Happily ever after. (Also, Dan. Dana. Dana is "Dan" minus an "a." How come I never noticed that? Huh.)

There need to be more men kissing each other on my TV.
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