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So I've watched 10 or 12 episodes--angst! cliffhangers! new heights of creative invention and absurdity! And there's much of interest I could talk about by this point, but what I'm noticing right now is that Sydney never sleeps with anyone on a mission. It's a trite old observation: the American willingness to scale new heights of violence while maintaining its Puritan aversion to sex. If I recall, Nikita was almost never required to sleep with anyone either. (Am I wrong?) But Sydney is more fascinating than Nikita in some ways because she *is* American, and this show makes her a particular kind of poster child for patriotism. She's the downright wholesome girl-next-door and she proves love of country in part by being tortured over and over again. But as the good girl, she can't whore herself for her country. So we get shots of her tied up and immersed in water and electrocuted, but we don't see her unwinding herself from sticky bedsheets after lulling some mark into pliancy.

I'm pretty okay with that. I'd probably have issues of a different sort if she *were* portrayed as Double Agent Slutchilde. It's just interesting.

You know, this show doesn't really hang together, either in terms of plot or psychology. But it doesn't really matter most of the time; it's good television.

Marshall just reached new heights of inappropriateness with his dithery plug of the monkey documentary. He slays me.

Sydney's connection with her father in Cuba and her girlish delight in his prowess was very endearing. Poor kid. I love how this show never lets her be happy for more than ten seconds, though. It's of course the very minute she's fondly reminiscing over the mission that she learns he's a KGB operative. (Of course he's probably not, but don't spoil me, 'kay?)

One of my favorite things so far is how Will's investigation of Daniel's death runs in tandem with Sydney's arc throughout the entire season. Very cool. It's also fun to see a show being so manipulative and clever--those cliffhangers and unrelenting twists to ensnare viewers right out of the gate, stringing them along even like hits of crack even as the show brings new viewers up to speed each time with the opening summary and previouslies.

Mmm. Crack.

ETA: Duuuuuude! I just got to the end of "The Confession." Her mother! Aiyeeee! They are shameless. SHAMELESS.

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