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a post not about Buffy

Just a meta post to other people's links, some of which I'd intended to post earlier, so I'm not really copy-catting destina. No, no I'm not.

jennyo rocks my world tonight and makes me
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Just a meta post to other people's links, some of which I'd intended to post earlier, so I'm not really copy-catting <lj user="destina">. No, no I'm not.

<lj user="jennyo"> rocks my world tonight and makes me <a href=" target="_new">cackle madly</a>.

<lj user="elynross"> has a <a href="" target="_new">cool post</a> on the differences between original fiction and fan-fiction, and there's another fascinating post on the qualities of fan-fiction from <lj user="minisoo"> to be found <a href="" target="_new">here</a>. A link I did steal, from <lj user="melymbrosia">.

<lj user="anorakbird"> continues <a href="" target="_new">to amaze me</a> just by being herself. <i>(She said, making a gender assumption.)</i> So I'm just going to pimp her around town.

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I wonder if I believe this: that beauty is to genderfuck, purposely or not. If your mind is so balanced and cool and human that I can't even tell if you're male or female, and don't really care...neat, right? Gender is everywhere, but the peculiar qualities of people that tend to hook me are beyond gender. But I wonder if I believe this. Because on the other hand, I think 99% of the people I find palatable are women, at least online. I don't hang much with guys offline either. I'm sure it's my issue as much as it is the issue of the several billion guys who don't seek me out to watch <i>Farscape</i> and talk about writing.

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I steal from <lj user="herself_nyc"> to give this link to an article on <a href="" target="_new">sexless marriages</a>. I don't have sex, and hey, now I feel trendy. If unmarried. My libido is doing the cha-cha lately, though. And please take a moment to admire that previous sentence. I puzzled on and off for a few days about how to decorously convey this thought, without splashing TMI everywhere and coming off like a less endearing Austin Powers.

Fun with your hormones! I wonder if this is a transient thing, or the beginning of some change of life. They say women reach their sexual peak in their thirties, yes? I'm feeling peaked.

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You won't find me posting anything about James Marsters here. Dear god, could there be anything more horrifying than getting to know an actor well? I have gone so far as to leave someone's house during a bash ("I think I'll just head to Starbucks for a coffee now") in order to avoid seeing him interviewed. I muted all the promo spots he did during the season premiere. I would not watch him on a talk show if you paid me. I don't want to know about his drinking habits, his sexual habits, his band, his sofa, his son, or his sock. Do not reveal anything to me about this man, especially something that makes me cringe, or I will resent you.

Why? Why would anyone care? I'm interested in Spike, a fictional character, not this James guy. The line between them is not blurred. It is big and bold. It's actually a wall with barbed wire running across the top. There are no tunnels. Except when I'm forced to talk about JM's acting in a scene, I don't want the slightest hint that a real person exists who plays Spike.

So...I'm not entirely sure I've been clear about my feelings here. {g}

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Am so not finishing my X/S tonight. It's already approaching my bedtime, because I went over to S's, and she made me a cool mix CD. She is my lovebun. I bet she didn't know that. I didn't know it until just now. And now I'm horrified that I've used this word. What the fuck? "Lovebun." Get it out of my mouth! Get it off my hands! It's sticky! Man. I am so not drunk, so why I'm so fucking loony I don't know. Anyway, nope, not finishing that story. Because, of course, it was also <b><i>Buffy</i></b> night. And now I'm feeling like I might go watch the <i>Smallville</i> I just taped. My fingers actually hurt from typing. It might be a good idea to rest them.

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