Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


There's a movie on SciFi starring Shannen Doherty and Julian McMahon in some close relationship that requires them to clutch each other. Very mind bendy.

Ah, Julian. I worship your stubble.

And Jesus *fuck* is that man tall. Muh.

I need new music. I want to find someone who is to acoustic guitar what Stevie Ray Vaughn is electric guitar. Someone bluesy and masterful. Does this person exist? I also want some simple but sexy electronic dance music, like Dirty Vegas and...and I don't know what else. I don't know music except what I happen to stumble across, and I'm looking to buy CDs, so I'm conservative when it comes to taking chances. Have learned to be, anyway, because I own dozens and dozens of expensive CDs I bought on the strength of a single song only to discover that single song was the only thing worth listening to.

coffeeandink has a highly cool, smart post on depression and narrative, with looks at BtVS, AtS, and Farscape. It's the first thing in a long time that makes my scabby wounds itch to rewatch season six. (I liked season six on the first go, but now it's buried one layer down under the scars of season seven.) As I mentioned to Mely, I only read through the section on BtVS because I have yet to watch "Destiny," despite everyone's encouragement. anaxila has said that if I don't watch it by tomorrow she's going to spoil me for it, because she wants to talk about the episode, damn me! *eyeballs Amy warily* I may have to dodge her. Should be interesting. Me running around corners when I see her coming, dashing into supply closets, down flights of stairs, with her chasing after me calling, "And then Angel--with the bullwhip--and the poker--and the manacles--"

anniesj has been writing some tiny S/X baubles to hang on the tree. People need to heed her example. *stares at you all unblinkingly*

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