Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

my beautiful spam

Sandwiched inbetween the naked grandmothers and the solutions for a "small small little dicky" this morning was a wonderful collection of words...

tug marietta dynasty hecuba arboretum firewood chordal penultimate trouser courtesy christendom cut diminution

hayes victoria nelson streptococcus aorta alluvium corpse lang poop shack vibrant chautauqua provocative mucilage stack brother wisp devastate innuendo

projectile danubian complex lana buenos quit

broad wishbone waterline excelled trilobite cavalier bonito betelgeuse

douse hanna lubell evict arrowroot jenny chase

cavort squawk heard shrug baleful abdominal tagging

sheldon, wv

matriarch afro degum laocoon beatnik extoller usurer shipbuilding washbowl seethed subvert bakelite genera pogrom success fitchburg trident furman upgrade distillery classmate ion ductile sidewall pioneer propel

lavabo andover delight evil lowell beside mayoral charcoal consecutive awhile combinatorics crimson reputation twirly

total anyhow moment sluice ancestor prophecy nodule leaven infidel anglophobia aleph paraboloid retrorocket interrupt

candle moses bodleian elision peppermint

conclave coalition erosible henley prosody tailspin convalescent egress bartender

cow burnett acidulous skat trepidation

muscular depose chairlady polonium mutagen cycad sprue kimball oligopoly shatterproof angola crawlspace loom vengeance chapter genevieve dobbin gangland ogle

cumberland lucius transshipping cumberland dynastic abound aroma meritorious activism ready clung penitential tetrahedral

raw assume fungus wherewithal asteroidal purr

agrimony publish coalescent chowder feather paranoia redshank

sofa whichever messrs rickets doctoral garish assumption potomac storyboard climactic incubus catkin byzantine genealogy

heaven cartel benedikt mayflower free listen declare amazon beaten plato activism

dowager elk

moment clearance biddy chide grenoble mommy crawl piracy vista westfield chutney laundry carton kikuyu impromptu dang embank decompile sundial coralline propagandist hawk lund pyramid thaw hack culinary cacao bindweed gigging camelopard arrival titan tolerate mcpherson tudor coronet po osha assistant

brainwash humidify macrame

fredrickson bless ominous countryside vade

aqua stony hone offspring coronet dusk

constructor airmen convoy durkee spout actress frequent deneb bellyfull wave architectonic boyfriend craw ballot crewel eric gillespie

genetic pale canine chablis

incapable discovery baccarat bitterroot ablaze throw deregulate cuprous because they'd portal condemnatory bimetallic duration

distinct arequipa labia

ernst troutman

within aviv corruption agate legible

Mmm, words.
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