Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

lazy recs

Things I read today:

Some of firesignwriter's Sparrow/Norrington fan-fiction, located in the memories section of her LJ. Somehow I managed to stumble backwards into reading "Currents," the latest installment (I think) in a longer series. Now I'll have to play catch up and read the others. I find that, in the pairings game, I rather prefer Jack-and-James to Jack-and-Will. I surprise myself, but the more I dwell on it, the more I think Will's a bit of a sap and Norrington needs love. Poor repressed British officer guy.

shrift's PotC story, Hurricane Jack. (Why hadn't I read that before?! Trust in the Shrift. Go read the Shrift. There is no bad Shrift.)

garryowen's just-finished Smallville AU, Language of Love. Works surprisingly well, is romantic in the best way, and has poetry that fits the story nicely in most cases--and I'm pretty picky about poetry. I do think Clark's poems work better than Lex's, but I'm not going to exercise myself to critique. It's a lovely story. [ETA: Koi pointed out that the author decided to rewrite the last section, so the new link above goes to the first seven parts.]

I must apologize to Herself and Poshcat again for the fact that I am a dirty, lazy whore. They'll know why.

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