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chicks: slaves to the mighty hormone

Evidence that this time of month is Special:

1. When I watched the "Lady Marmalade" vid off the Vividcon tape last night, I cried. No, I mean, I *cried* the *entire* way through the vid, chest-crushing, nearly hysterical sobs. Those of you who've seen this vid already will be backing away slowly and nervously now.

2. I've been back in the Riley/Spike zone for the last few days. Souled Spike is miserable with remorse and self-loathing and so pathetically grateful for Riley's attention that he keeps butting up against him, crying and trembling like a puppy. I made myself cry thinking about it.

3. The Sallie Mae phone menu enraged me to the point of hand shaking and solitary screaming just now. I nearly broke the phone as I slammed it down repeatedly after being disconnected for the second time. If I'd actually reached a human being, I probably would have told them to go kill themselves for the pure shame of working for Absolute Evil. It should be noted that I'm actually *in* customer service and know how it feels to be on the receiving end of insanity. However.

I am scary right now. Are you scary? Please share.
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