Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

sleepy peep

I haven't had anything to say for the last several days but I was not, in fact, dead during that time. On Wednesday I went to see Master & Commander with office mates. Great movie. Slow at times, but cool. My favorite character was Blakeney, the kid who loses his arm. My god, he was fantastic--especially in the climactic battle scene. He shredded my heartstrings.

Thursday I went over to anaxila's and kjv31's for a mellow Thanksgiving. They were kind and fed me great food and let me foist Equilibrium on them.

Friday I slept. Like, all day. And ate turkey sandwiches.

At some point I watched 28 Days Later, followed immediately by The Cube. My advice: don't do that. Unless you are a bunny or a sugary little gumdrop, the sheer crushing weight of despair for the human race will send you reeling for the vodka and the noose. But I reeled for neither and watched MST3K instead.

Also rented the first Alias DVD. Wow. Idiotic premise redeemed by some cracktastic, kick-ass writing. Must watch more. Especially since episode 3 ended on a cliffhanger and I was left whimpering because the rental store didn't have DVD #2.

I finished the next noir a little while ago, but when I went to upload it, my ISP decided that I no longer have a public_html folder. I don't know why. I still have a web site. But no public_html. So I'm stuck twiddling my thumbs. Berks.

Am strangely at a loss about what to do next. In the next five minutes, I mean. And five hours.

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