May 12th, 2011


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The week to two-week placement I'm currently in has turned into a potentially long-term month-to-month opportunity, and I accepted the offer this morning from the program manager at Pioneer Housing. It's a low-cost transitional housing program that offers free addiction counseling services--one on one, group--as well as job placement assistance. It's better located than the other recovery/housing program I've been waitlisted for, and the program manager, a nice woman, seems moved and motivated to help me personally.

It's a fixed rent (rather than percentage of income/benefits) and I have enough set aside to cover the next few months--and it's people reading this that I'm indebted to for that. Thank you.

So today has started with good news, the coy Seattle weather has turned balmy again, and I'll soon be taking my daily walk across town to check in with my current case manager.

My mind is a bit blank today; if it were put in terms of weather, it'd be like one of those days when the sky is a solid pearly grey-white, overcast but not dark. I don't have a lot of thoughts to type down. It's just one more day in days taken one at a time.

Current read: Paul Theroux's Kingdom by the Sea, my fourth or fifth re-read. He traveled around the coast of England about thirty years ago. Reading about his day-to-day trek from village to village doesn't instill a deep desire to dedicatedly follow in his footsteps. I'd like to see maybe one village out of every five or ten he visited though. I'd like to live in a quiet coastal village, I think. With a big garden. That's the daydream vista.

The daydream has a cat or two, and it reminds me that pets are allowed in this new housing unit. But I can't see far enough ahead to feel comfortable making a commitment to a cat....

I should not try to think so concretely when the mind-skies are so wispy. Maybe I will have cake and coffee now.