December 22nd, 2010


scared peep

It's very hard just to say hello, world after two years of nowhere. If I could get away with a -6 font size that's what I'd use for this. White on white. I'm going to try to poke tendrils out though. I expect most posts to be short, inane, mundane; small talk about cats and Sherlock and the weather.

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An insane cat is rattling needily at the closed door of my room. This is the cat who always tries to interrupt my Rodney McKay/Cheyenne Jackson fantasy time. Damn his furry nose.
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feelings of happy relief

My first post after two years was fierce and scary, I realize now. It was a hurdle that had grown huge in my mind, a social Everest. I feel less anxious now. Still catching up on comments, and enjoying it. :)

When I said I was having viciously irritable moods, btw, that's mostly directed toward my housemate's sister, who lives here and is rather an appalling human being. So. No worries I hope that I'm going to bite anyone here.

I think tonight I will Photoshop icons, eat chocolate and popcorn, and catch up on torrents.

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