April 28th, 2006


found by way of zoetrope

"While the inhabitants of Atlantis believe themselves to be in another galaxy, the island city itself was actually constructed by auto-factory workers from Detroit and placed in the middle of lake Huron. The other planets they visit look suspiciously like parts of Canada, with many rocks and trees, and sometimes water; but it can't possibly be Canada, because that's where SG-1 does most of their exploring. It is suspected, however, that these planets were terraformed millenia ago by Canadian Ancients, who also brought with them the Arrogant Worms, who promptly ascended and renamed their band "The Ori." However, this is widely disputed. It is also rumored that at least one of the addresses that the Atlantis gate can dial leads directly to Delaware." - Uncyclopedia

"Dr. Rodney McKay, a brilliant snarkitist with an advanced degree in Snarkology. Is deathly allergic to everything and has frequent delusions (a.k.a. wet dreams) of scoring repeatedly with arch-rival Samantha Carter. Played by super crime-fighting ninja David Hewlett." - From the primary Stargate Atlantis article--impressively scholarly

"'How can such vitality and such pathos co-exist in such a perfect body?' ~ Oscar Wilde on David Hewlett

Fattening up to hide his superhuman muscular formation, Hewlett trained in the arts of the ninja and the Batman while helping to found popular beat combo Hewlett-Packard. His diverse activities have made him a hero to many Canadians, and it is not uncommon to be accosted on the streets of Toronto by enthusiasts wanting to know if you've 'experienced the love of David' yet.

The 'love of David' is the source of much criticism inside Canada, with at least ten percent of Canadians believed to be the fruit of his crime-fighting loins." - Excerpts from the David Hewlett article