April 10th, 2006


today is a good day I think to talk about earrings

Hello! I didn't mean to be gone for so long. Life has been pretty good lately. kormantic stayed with me for several weeks, and I had a great time offline. She is cuddly, sweet, thoughtful, and possibly telepathic. For a while there, she became the audience for all my conversational thoughts, ones that I never got around to repeating online as journal entries. Oh, the reams of inane, disjointed, incoherent babble that went unrecorded for posterity! Tragic.

Fortunately, I have an unending supply of inane, disjointed, incoherent babble, like the outpourings of one of those magical food bags in fairy tales. I'll shake the bag out again soon, thoughts like muffins tumbling across the grass....

I'm off now to have lunch and be spendy on some trifle, in celebration of the fact that today is one year sober for me. :) I think earrings to mark the occasion.

I feel that I should have something to say about Rodney's mouth, but maybe you can just visualize it, like world peace.