February 20th, 2006


this is just to say...

I had a great weekend. I sat down on Saturday and went through baskets of papers that I'd accumulated over the past year--piles and piles of old bills, stock reports, loan notifications, debt consolidation offers, miscellany. I threw away three bags full of crap (THREE BAGS), relishing the shredding and the ripping and the tossing. I classified and attached related documents together with little binder clips, and set all my tax-related stuff aside for when I finally manage to go to my accountant.

And then on Sunday? *dramatic rising music* I worked out. (WORKED OUT!!!) For the first time in months. I shot baskets and treadmilled for a while. And I brought my gym bag to work today.

I also returned a nonworking lamp I'd had sitting around for months, went and got groceries Sunday night, though I was wiped out from working out, and did a load of laundry. The only thing I didn't do this weekend that I'd vaguely planned to was attend the local bash. *waves regretfully to Seattle peeps*

Oh. And I ate Peeps. *g*

Today I have to write annual performance reviews. Quite possibly all day. :-P But I'm going to just put on my headphones and plow through it, like a dolphin through the stormy waves, like a freshman through Finnegans Wake, like a New York cabbie through heavy traffic. I have iced tea, Gobstoppers, and a plastic Buddha. I think I'm set.

ETA: Unrelated to anything else in this post, does anyone know who the artist is (and what the remix name is) for the song "The Gambler" that was used on Alias in that great Sydney and Marshall scene in "Repercussions"?