February 15th, 2006


late in the evening and all the music's seeping through

Is there anything better than coming home and throwing yourself on the couch with a latte and an enormous chocolate mousse cake and discovering that Anaconda has turned up for free via On Demand cable? Dude. The film begins by letting us know that "Tales of monstrous, man-eating Anacondas have been recounted for centuries by tribespeople of the Amazon..." Heh. BE AFRAID, PRETTY PEOPLE! YOU WERE NOT SIGNED FOR THE SEQUEL! Actually, I like the sequel even better. The prettiness factor goes even higher. Johnny Messner! Karl Yune! (They have a special relationship because of how they live on a boat together and hang out in bars.) And there's a cute monkey! And an anaconda orgy ball! This first movie has J.Lo's pert ass. Oh, and hey, Owen Wilson's nose. I always forget about it. Him. Jon Voight's performance is, of course, cheesetastic. How can IMDb give this a 4.1? That's just wrong.

The delicious frosting on the cake of my day (turning out not so bad) is this thread. Rodneysaur: *tips over onto the keys* Gnaaarn. *is killed dead* I swear, it makes me want to fall on the floor and let my little kicking puppy spasms of heeeee turn me in a circle. Which is strangely apt, because I forgot until today about the way Prozac makes me jiggle my legs madly. *eye roll*

Oh, and I made icons today. Rothko and Kandinsky, a bit of a stylistic switch from the Too Much Coffee Man (Rodney!) ones I've been using for a few days now.

Also, I *did* do some work today. Between making icons. So, yay.


J.Lo: "What are those, fireflies?"
Eric Stolz: "Mm hmm. It's pretty, huh?"
J.Lo: "Hmm."
Eric Stolz: "Family lampyradae--on certain nights they'll gather in the same tree and use their light flashes to announce their readiness to mate."
J.Lo: "Well, who flashes, the males or the females?"
Eric Stolz: "Both, actually. The females with a series of short, dainty feminine little flashes, about eight per second. The males respond with a series of long, drawn-out manly flashes..."


ETA: Also, tzikeh pointed out this video PSA about coming to terms with one's sexuality. *nods earnestly* Men kissing! ...kinda hotly too.