January 30th, 2006


I dare you to amuse me...with an icon meme.

Browsing some_stars's icons a few weeks ago, I realized that I hadn't taken full advantage of the icon comment functionality. So I went through my own icons one night while I was sitting in my local café with my brain in no shape to do anything more creative or useful. Comment examples:

If you have comments on your own icon page, post a link here. If you don't, you should totally amuse me by writing some and posting about them.

I mean, seriously. What else are you going to do on a Monday, work?


Poll #663272 Still Monday

Your current boredom level is:

Right now my seven nubile companions are fanning me with palm fronds and eating cherries off my midriff. Let me get back to you.
I don't have time for boredom. I have to get this man's brain back in his head!
I'm surfing LJ and taking this quiz--what do you think?
I've been more bored, but not by much.
I'm reading fandom_wank, experimenting with alphabetical playlists, and taping ribbons to my cat. Send. Help.
I'm browsing fanfiction.net.
Maximum entropy, the heat death of the universe, daytime cable television.