January 18th, 2006


memeage #3

For jaebi_lit, "Things you see that never fail to make you happy, be they places, people, or things."

I feel like I've missed terribly obvious stuff that I should have remembered. I think that every time I re-discover something that makes me happy, I should probably make a note of it. Keep a list on my fridge, and hit pause in the middle of a movie that's cracking me up and go write the title down, for example, so that if at some point in the future I'm feeling needy I can refer to it. Anyway.

of the good:
  1. Someone walking a puppy on a leash
  2. spaggel's SGA pictures, many of which you can see here and here
  3. Rocking the Suburbs by Ben Folds
  4. "Wonder of Birds," a Due South vid by laurashapiro and morgandawn (Fraser/RayK), especially these moments: Ray hits a home run and the ball smacks the scoreboard in a shower of sparks; Fraser "dances"; and most of all, the whole sequence that starts with Ray and Fraser leaning on the rail of the Bounty and looking at each other and laughing, followed in slow motion by Fraser catching the gun, Fraser and Ray walking down the gangplank side by side, and then the ending. (You should be able to see this vid by going to The Vanity Project, clicking on "Even More Illegal Things" and following the instructions for access.)
  5. The Sentinel blooper reel, especially the little kiss that Richard Burgi gives Garrett Maggart on the temple
(P.S., monanotlisa made this icon. Teyla is joyful! :)