January 17th, 2006


memeage #1

For panisdead: "Top five (of the moment) favorite icons. Yours or other folks'."

Other people's:
1. kormantic's chinny Rodney. Click and scroll to "profiles in SCIENCE". I can't even look at it now without grinning. It always cracks my shit up. *g*

2. tskterata's priceless baby. Click and see "tsk." This has been one of my favorites for maybe a couple years now.

3. kitestringer's David Hewlett cap from Nothing. Click and scroll to "DH in Nothing". So. Freaking. Beautiful. *heartcrush*

4. bear's default. Click and see "debauched bear". The bear. It makes me happy.

5. slodwick's default John. Click and see the first icon, "sga: just kicking down the cobblestones i've come to watch the flowers growin'". He's just so joyful! It makes me all smiley to see this pop up on my flist.
But there are so many more! One of the absolute best things about SGA fandom is seeing new and brilliant ones popping up *all the time* on my flist, or coming across them in comments on posts. There have been days when I've wanted to steal, like, a dozen from people. Easy. *happy sigh*

Favorites of the moment (like, seriously: *this* moment, because I'm bad at committing) of my own:

It's either thinking "I will eat your brains" or "______."
Yeah. It never fails to amuse me.
He's angsty, and possibly an alien.
And to sum it all up.

memeage #2

For some_stars: "...top five sex acts, with specifics (who's on top, positioning, time of day, mental state, particular body parts emphasized, etc.) you would choose if you could have five custom-made pieces of porn created for you?" Heh. She's such a lovely porny cutie. *hugs LC* But what's up with me? I'm FREAKISHLY shy today or something. It's not often I have a problem talking about kinks. I...I feel so exposed.

*in need of poshcat's raincoat*

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