December 30th, 2005


*coughs all over you*

There should be a Sickbed Singles Service, for when a single person gets sick and can't leave their apartment. You could call the service and say, "I need groceries and Kleenex and someone to do my dishes and a load of laundry." And they'd come take care of you for a small fee and even heat up soup and bring it to you while you lie snuffling and hacking on the couch. Or, you know--churches could offer this as a community charity service. I'd let them leave a small tract about Our Savior on the coffee table if they brought me chicken soup.

But I made it to the grocery store myself and had no spiritual epiphanies.

I'm behind on comments. I hope to have more energy later. If not now, next year.

Alias season four hangs together better than I remembered and there were eps I hadn't seen; good eps. I also rewatched "Before I Sleep" and cried a lot. Elizabeth angst. Possibly I'm not just phlegmy but premenstrual.

Good times, good times.