December 29th, 2005


oh wow...

It seems that my last post helped inspire fish_23 to write some truly beautiful Spike/Angel fic. "So Angel and Spike are ice skaters who occasionally compete against each other but who share a coach. They're part of a stable of male ice skaters." A stable. Of male ice skaters.

Be sure to read to the very end for the rousing Celine Dion number.

*wipes away one perfect tear*

be careful what you wish for.

I wanted to stay home from work, I said, and then came down with a sore throat and fever, unquestionably caught from the woman in front of me on the plane who coughed for two straight hours. The misery waited a day to lull me into a false sense of complacency, then attacked last night, latching on like an Iratus bug.

If you're wondering where I am over the next few days, I'm buried under blankets watching Alias and hating life. :P