December 24th, 2005


waving from Yosemite

Right now I'm sitting in the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite with my laptop, typing to you at this very moment. At *this* very moment I am typing "this." Now you can follow my every movement on Anna!Cam.* (No, not really.)

I'm in the lounge in the picture. I had a crepe for breakfast in the huge-ass, elegant, and rather chilly dining room.
So far on my holiday trip I've learned:

* The road to Yosemite is dark and long
* Grand hotels in the winter are drafty
* Bears will eat your car if you leave food in it
* koimistress is a lovely person

But I knew that last one already.

Life is good. Life is good and I'm going to try to write today. Right now, even.

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday. :)

*Dude, I joked, but I just now saw a guy sitting at the end of the lounge with a cam clipped to his laptop. I think he's doing a conference call. I love the twenty-first century.