December 2nd, 2005


thought of the day: dinosaurs

Someone mentioned this site recently. I'd seen it before but hadn't wandered through the archives. Now that I have, I find that again and again it expresses the thoughts of my soul.

"My mouth has a nice fresh taste in it this morning! Skin is not too itchy! I am looking forward to a gooey feeling beneath my feet! Soon!"

Meanwhile, my team will be in a new building Monday. And I discovered that I needed to make a crushing choice:

  • Position my desk to look out over a slice of Puget Sound, scene of lovely sunsets, OR
  • position my desk facing the entrance so that I'm not constantly anxious about how a manager could wander in and peer over my shoulder and see me staring at Rodney's mouth.
Damn it.

I chose Web browsing over the water. For now.

a deep, sheeplike pride

For an embarrassingly long time I didn't get the point of tags. People talked about them for three solid weeks and I would read, and read again, and seriously have NO comprehension what they were intended for. And everyone seemed very excited. I was of course too lazy to go read a FAQ or ask someone. But recently I had the eureka moment, and so I've fallen into step with the crowd and started tagging posts. I've only done through October or so, and I've been on LJ, er, three years, I think.... o.o So I'll be working on this tagging project for a while. And then they'll introduce a new feature that will render it obsolete yay!

I've got a few dozen tags made, but not many have enough posts attached yet to make browsing worthwhile; I'll put links up later. Somewhere. (They should give you a "list tags" option like "list interests" in User Info.)

Anyway. The SGA fic one is useful, more useful than my saved memories; the filter goes back to the first bit of scribbling I did. And now that I look, it's mostly scribbling, actually.

I also see that I have a lot of stuff under wittering. Shocking! Yeah. Some people might also find the hard stuff tag of interest--depression, meds, sobriety, penguins. I'm sure that both those categories will grow quite a bit as I tag back through my calendar.

I'm really just making this post so that I can show off the icon that monanotlisa made. As yin_again put it: Rodney Angsty!Santa! *fuzzy joy*